Mobile Testing

We provide dedicated teams driven by a powerful blend of the latest technologies and commitment to deliver groundbreaking yet market‑suited solutions.

For optimal mobile performance, testing is key

Be confident in the quality of your app with a comprehensive suite of mobile testing services, including test automation. Our teams conduct thorough evaluations so your app will perform just as intended

Life finds a way to get in the way of app performance. We’ll test your app’s response to everything from dead batteries to incoming calls, ensuring that it picks up right where it left off.

Our testing services prepare your app for every connectivity complication so that even weak WiFi won’t interfere with strong performance.

Meet your users where they are. ElmoSoft tests your app for seamless usability across devices, operating systems, and screens.

Take over the world with your app — but do it by the book. We assess apps against official iOS and Android guidelines to ensure compliance before they launch.

What’s better than testing? Letting automation handle the bulk of it. Our teams launch best-in-breed test automation that reduces costs while reducing time and effort.

Scaling should never be a hurdle for your mobile app. Our load, stress, and soak tests ensure large amounts of data and a high volume of users won’t disrupt performance.

Mobile Application Testing is the way out to ensure the quality, reliability, functionality, usability, consistency, and integrity of apps. However, in- house mobile application testing can be time consuming and expensive for businesses. Mobile application testing can be complicated as there is no one best strategy, which fits all applications. In addition, there are numerous platforms, devices, networks, carriers and different kinds of testing techniques to be considered into the development of the testing strategy.

A practical and efficient way out for businesses would be to outsource the mobile application testing to an expert software testing service provider. ElmoSoft, a leading Software Testing Company, has deep experience in providing quality mobile application testing services. 

By outsourcing their testing requirements, businesses can control testing costs, increase the test coverage, and management overhead as well as speed up their software development life cycle and monetize it faster.

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