AI in aviation



Founded in 2010, Safety Line is a company offering innovative solutions (software and statistical analysis) for risk management in the field of air transport (airlines, maintenance organizations, airports).


ElmoSoft was choosen as QA vendor to introduce Test Automation on projects to make releases more frequent and stable.

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As QA Vendor we defined the scope, developed test scenarios, provided test plan. We prepared and managed the test platform, updated the reports, implemented the tests, and analyzed the regressions. 

With the help of our custom framework, the ElmoSoft team covered scenarios on web and mobile devices integrated with the help Jenkins and Cloud EC2 instances. The main advantage of this approach – you don’t need to pay for virtual machines every time – ElmoSoft’s framework automatically scale, create and turn down machines depends on the current load.

Performance analysts not only wrote test scenarios and ran numerous stress tests, but also introduced careful and accurate results analysis. Our QA team provided suggestions on how the system should be scaled to meet future demand.


Angular,  Flex

QA tools
Selenium, Selenoid, Apache JMeter

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