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Founded in 2016, Parkopoly (now Otoqi) is a platform aimed at making the lives of vehicle owners in the city easier. Using the company’s website, they get access to a vast community of independent drivers who can take cars to dealerships’ repair centers for servicing and then bring them back to end consumers’ doors. Currently based in Paris, Otoqi also operates in Bordeaux, Rouen, and on the Riviera. Moreover, it cooperates with famous brands such as BMW, Peugeot, and Renault.



The initial Parkopoly back-office application was built in AngularJS. Before contacting us, they already had platform. 

Front-end: Back-office teams use web applications to oversee multiple related operations by clients and partners. Our task was to update old framework AngularJS(version 2), and move to the latest Angular.

Backend: Client has Java+ Spring-boot stack, there were a lot of features, need to be implented.

QA: Client had automation test suite, but it didn’t work for them due unstable tests and lack of clear roadmap for the software development and QA automation itself. Introduce, create and maintain the QA testing process to test Parkopoly’s systems, including highly critical payments and invoicing ones. The cross-platform mobile application, designed for Parkopoly’s drivers, was expected to allow scheduling shifts and rating the workers.

ElmoSoft understands the challenge, and their results are easy to analyze and read.

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Frontend: Back-office applications were updated to the latest Angular framework. We developed a system for tracking location of the each car in the background, with real-time sync up.

Backend: Built a strong foundation for back-office, customized to support business needs and handle data tasks seamlessly.


QA: ElmoSoft’s specialists began by writing testing strategy documentation and revising the existing test cases. They created new valid test cases as per the requirements of QA process implementation and based on the functionality that was currently in use. They also had to test the newly implemented functions.

3 applications required new test suites: Backoffice, Client application and Mobile app. Our engineers had to complete most of tasks with the help of automation tools (Selenium/Appium).

For the current moment we have more than 1000 testcases, applied form web and mobile. Suites were divided on minimal acceptance, advanced acceptance(regression suite) and integration suite.

To run all scope we use Jenkins pipeline (integrated with dev pipeline), AWS instances, use as Selenoid hub, triggered and stopped automatically to cut costs.

In result we provided fully flexible and extendable SaaS cloud automation solution for E2E tests.


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Angular, Java/Spring, Selenium, Selenoid, AWS

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