Web QA Automation

We automate the testing process of your software, so that you can compare expected vs actual outcome much faster and with higher accuracy

We offer Web automated testing as a part of development, migration project or as a separate service. The ElmoSoft testing team can use both a keyword-driven and data-driven approach to ensure the quality.

Benefits of Web Automation

  • Regression cost gets reduced, which ultimately makes the testing process more efficient.

  • Once, the regression cycle gets reduced, it leads to a quick software release to market with higher frequency.

  • Automation testing enhances the consistency of the software, as the quality of testing improves and it removes the possibility of manual errors.

  • Testing across different operating system for smooth operation for all users.

We believe in supporting the business objectives of the clients with a designed strategy. We make sure that every single thing will go as per the client’s needs and budget. Our extensible automation framework is modular, reusable and compatible. Moreover, we are providing off-shore automation for numerous clients.

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