Case: Alternative Investments

Platform for alternative investment

TEST Automation for alternative investment platform

We delivered this project for a US-based Fintech company. When the customer approached us with a request, they had around 20 employees. 

Project Goals

Customer was searching for a talented team of QA engineers to set up test process:

  • Requirements analysis. The cost of fixing a defect found during testing is up to 15 times higher than the cost of preventing one at the requirements design stage.
  • Test planning.
  • Test design.
  • Test execution and defect reporting.
  • Retesting and regression testing.
  • Release testing.

Business Need

  • Save time to market
  • Optimise the size of onside QA team by adding test automation engineers, and make testing releases automatically
  • Increase overall stability of Fintech solution.


From the get-go, ElmoSoft helped enhance solution quality through functional testing. Due to the continuous integration process, each new feature delivered to the QA environment was thoroughly checked, followed by ongoing regression testing to confirm faultless operation of the previously introduced refinement and defect validation to define the quality of the defect fixing.

Afterward, the engineers proceeded with testing web services. In order to check REST API endpoints, the QA team created Postman collections (groups of requests) that later were shared with the client and executed them verifying that response status and returned data were correct.
  1. Automation tests are executed after each dev merge commit
  2. Smoke and regression suites are fully automated
  3. Minimized risks of regression issues
  4. Auto-generated reports with detailed steps and screenshots on the results of each test
  5. Flexible framework, which allow us run tests on different browsers and different environments(dev, stag, qa)





Puppeter/Playwright, Postman, Allure Reports,  Gitlab CI


Engagement Model

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