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We offer end-to-end software development services and build custom web apps for tech-driven businesses. Our engineers deliver complexity in simple solutions that are easy to use and powerful.

Browser-based web applications

Browser-based apps are client-server software applications typically written in HTML5, developed to run in all major web browsers (ie. Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc) and be used on all platforms. The web is an ideal choice of UI for many business cases & types of customers.

The use of existing web browsers and their multimedia capabilities allows software developers to create media-rich user interfaces.

Why choose a browser-based web app?

Works the same way on mobile, laptop or desktop

80% of codebase can be reused across platforms

Easy to integrate client-side with other web ecosystems (ie. social media, streaming, embedded content etc)

Desktop Based Applications

Desktop-based applications are developed similar to a web app, but deployed inside a desktop app.

The customer uses it like a regular application on his/her computer: download, install, create desktop icon, launch on startup, update etc.

Desktop applications are versatile and can be used offline when there is no internet connection.

Why choose desktop-platform apps?

Work the same way in any OS (Windows, Mac or Linux)

80% of codebase can be reused

Easy integration with the local computer hardware (ie. USB, disk, printers, bluetooth etc) and local network


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