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Founded in 2016, Parkopoly is already deployed in several cities and regions in France, including Paris, Bordeaux, Rouen and the Côte d’Azur. Their “clustered” model along with qualified drivers, available in every major cities, offer a unique agility and quality of service. With more than 2500 missions carried out each month by our affiliated drivers, Parkopoly is a pioneer in the transformation of the automotive uses.

ElmoSoft was choosen as QA vendor to cover most of our features through end-to-end tests that any person on Parkopoly team could analyze and maintain.


As QA Vendor we defined the scenarios, and then do all the rest. We  prepared and managed the platform, updated the reports, implemenedt the tests, and analyzed the regressions. Then we helping identify the most urgent fixes. In six months, we've covered about 60% of the product of three years of development. This is a massive improvement for our QA team.


The resulting solution provided by our team consists of:
  1. More than 60% of the product covered by automation tests
  2. Fully flexible QA automation framework with video recording and screen sharing .
  3. Defined automation process on CI Jenkins on AWS Code Deploy


Frontend: Angular, Webpack

Backend: Python

QA: Selenium, Appium, Java, Allure, Maven


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