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NuTheorie is a company, who provided Auto Theory Course and CBR exam in 1 day with the highest pass rate in the Netherlands! They are active in 24 cities.

ElmoSoft was choosen to set up CRM system for Sales team and for implementation of special bots for booking theorie exams in CBR (local police in Netherlands, who is approving driver licence)


We created CRM system based on Python language using Django framework, for UI we decided to use React. Also we used databases. Solution is running in Docker containers in cloud.

Solution is running in Docker containers in cloud.

"Booking" bot was implemented on Python+Selenium using multithreading approach. All scripts a re thiggering throw the UI in CRM, and steps are clearly described


The resulting solution provided by our team consists of:
  1. CRM system with range reports and custom metrics.
  2. Fully customizable bot, implemented on Selenium. Can book and parse details regarding students base.
  3. Defined automation process on CI using Docker

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